Classic Car Maintenance Tips to Keep it Running & Looking Great


Classic Car Maintenance Tips to Keep it Running and Looking GreatThe joys of classic car ownership can be overwhelming. There is nothing like getting behind the wheel of a vintage ride for a happy trip down memory lane, or simply through the countryside. The car show season is upon us and it brings out the best from everyone's garage. The car community gathers together to talk shop, shifting and chrome. But many of these gorgeous cars and trucks require special maintenance since they generally are not driven on a regular basis. Here are six tips you need to know about vintage vehicle maintenance.

Driveline Lubrication

Many classic cars have driveline components that require regular lubrication. This includes u-joints and other grease fittings.

Coolant Flush

At least once a year be sure to flush the cooling system to ensure it is able to do its job and to prevent corrosion inside the system. Most classics use a 50/50 mix of antifreeze (coolant) and distilled water.

Transmission Fluid

Both automatic and manual transmission vehicles use fluids in order to operate. Manual transmission vehicles need to have their oil changed and automatic transmission fluid needs to be flushed to ensure proper gear shifting. Consult your owner's manual for the appropriate mileage interval for this service.

Brake Service

You should bleed and replace the brake fluid in your classic car at least once a year in order to maintain proper stopping power. Brake fluid collects moisture and if it collects too much it can cause brake failure.

Check the Oil Before Every Drive

Unless you're regularly operating your vehicle you should be sure to check the oil prior to each cruise you take. Oil is vital to engine operation and if your classic springs an oil leak you're sure to end up with some costly engine repairs.

Wash Regularly

In order to keep up appearances be sure to regularly wash and wax the outside of the vehicle. However, don't forget to rinse the undercarriage as road grime can lead to corrosion and rust issues.

Driving a classic car is a lot of fun, but it can require quite a bit of maintenance. If you need classic car maintenance and repair in Houston you can trust the team at A1 American Transmission & Automotive. We service all makes and models at our full service auto and transmission repair shop, including classics! The next time your car is giving you trouble give us a call at (281) 954-3756 to schedule auto repair in Houston with our experts!

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