3 Signs it's Time for Clutch Service


There are many benefits of driving a stick shift vehicle. For many people it provides them more control over their car and provides a great opportunity to increase fuel mileage, if you maintain good driving habits that is. But manual transmissions do have their downfalls, especially if you have a rush hour commute. The constant pushing of the the clutch pedal can cause excessive wear and tear of the clutch plate, and unless you are aware of these common signs of clutch problems you might end up not being able to get your car in gear. So as you rack up the miles on your odometer, no matter how fast or slow your car may actually be going, be sure to pay attention for these signs of trouble.

Burning Paper Smell

There is a good chance that the first sign of trouble that you will experience is a burning paper or campfire like smell. It will likely be reminiscent of when you first learned to drive a clutch. Most of the time this smell can be attributed to excessive wear from driving in slow moving traffic. These harsh driving conditions can lead to needing a clutch replacement quite prematurely, compared to general circumstances. This smell could also be an indicator that you need a simple clutch linkage adjustment.

Sticky Clutch

Modern clutch pedals utilize hydraulic linkage and if it fails two things can happen. The first is that the clutch will become quite difficult to push or second, the clutch will not want to return to its normal resting position and stay stuck close to the floor. Either of these issues may call for a linkage adjustment, however these issues are often caused by a leak of the hydraulic fluid resulting in a loss of clutch pedal pressure. If that is the case there is good reason to believe you'll need a complete clutch replacement.

Gear Slippage

A strong indication of a worn down clutch is the transmission popping into neutral or if the vehicle seems to suddenly lurch or jerk forward as you drive for no apparent reason. Most of the time this will be attributed to a direct clutch problem, though on occasion it can be caused by an oil leak that is dripping onto the clutch plate. This results in excessive lubrication of the clutch, which is why the transmission will fall out of gear.

It is important to maintain your transmission and clutch in order to ensure you can safely control the speed of your vehicle. At the first sign of trouble head to the transmission repair shop to have the problem properly identified. For superior clutch repair in Houston contact the certified mechanics at A1 American Transmission. We conduct scheduled maintenance and repairs for all import and domestic vehicle transmissions, including transmission rebuilds. Give A1 a call at (281) 954-3756 and request an appointment for transmission repair in Houston today!

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