Common Automotive Fluid Leaks


Common Automotive Fluid LeaksDid you know that your vehicle utilizes several specialized fluids in order to safely and reliably operate? Yep, and each of these fluids need to be at a certain volume to ensure they can properly do their job. If you ever spot something dripping from your car be sure to visit the auto repair shop as soon as possible. Let's take a look at five of the most common automotive fluid leaks.

Power Steering Fluid Leak

If you find a puddle under your car while simultaneously experiencing difficulty turning the steering wheel, there is a good chance it is power steering fluid. Low levels of fluid can cause damage to the power steering pump, resulting in a clicking noise and hard turning, especially at low speeds.

Brake Fluid Leak

Brake fluid is generally clearish-brown and slimey to the touch. It will generally leak from the brake master cylinder (usually under the hood) or from a wheel cylinder. If it is leaking you'll likely experience a soft brake pedal as well.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid, which is often dyed a reddish color, is necessary to ensure smooth shifts. If you encounter grinding gear noises, delayed shifting or are unable to get into gear, it is likely there is a leak.

Coolant Leak

Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is what is used in the cooling system to keep the engine temperature down. It is most often a bright green color and has a very sweet smell to it. Low levels of coolant will cause the car to overheat, which can result in engine damage that requires extensive repairs.

Engine Oil Leak

The most common type of automotive fluid leak is an engine oil leak. Oil, which lubricates the moving parts of the motor, generally appears dark brown or black when it leaks from a car, depending on its condition.

If you ever spot something leaking from your car be sure to visit a local auto shop as soon as possible. For expert automotive fluid leak repair in Houston head to A1 American Transmission & Automotive. Our team is skilled at all aspects of auto repair and we specialize in transmission service. Give us a call at (281) 954-3756 to schedule superior auto repair in Houston today.

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