Common Electrical Problems in Cars


Common Electrical Problems in CarsMany people don't realize that there is a vast network of electrical wires and fuses running throughout their vehicle. All the electrical accessories in your vehicle are powered by the alternator as the vehicle is running, and the battery when it is not. If something goes wrong in your vehicle, there is a good chance an electrical issue may be at fault and not a mechanical one. These are four common auto electric problems that you should be aware of. If you run into any funky electrical trouble don't hesitate to get to the auto repair shop.

Bad Alternator

As mentioned, the alternator is what charges the battery in your vehicle. This happens because the alternator is hooked to a belt that is spun by the turning of the engine. The alternator then transfers the electricity it produces to the battery, keeping it charged. If the alternator goes bad then the battery will not be able to be charged and power will soon be lost. If you notice issues with the radio, power seats or windows or other electrical systems as you drive there is a good chance the alternator is on its way out. A dead alternator will result in a dead battery.

Bad Spark Plugs or Wires

If you experience poor acceleration, decreased fuel efficiency or a rough idle you may have an issue with your spark plug. Spark plugs receive a small electrical charge to create a spark that ignites the air and fuel mixture, the resulting (tiny) explosion powers the pistons up and down. If the plugs or wires they are connected to go bad due to corrosion the car can misfire causing the problems stated above, and more.

Blown Fuse

If a specific system stops working, such as the power windows or the dashboard lights, you will want to check for a blown fuse. Electrical systems in vehicles are routed through a fuse box to divide the electricity into the correct amounts so a system is not overloaded. If a fuse blows, the circuit is broken and the system it is connected to will stop working. In most cases this is very easy fix if this ends up being the problem.

Dead Battery

If your vehicle is completely dead, lights won't turn on, no radio or any other accessories work, then you most likely have a dead battery. The battery is what provides the electrical power necessary to start your car. In many cases a dead battery can be jump started, getting you back on the road. However they do have a lifespan and they generally need to be replaced every three to five years depending on the brand.

If you're having electrical issues with your car and need auto electrical repair in Houston get to A1 American Transmission & Automotive. We service all makes and models at our transmission repair shop, where we conduct bumper to bumper auto repair. Give A1 American Transmission a call at (281) 954-3756 to schedule an appointment for expert auto service in Houston.

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