Driving Habits that will Damage the Transmission


Being a good driver isn't the most difficult thing to do. Pay attention to what's around you, leave plenty of space, follow the speed limit and so forth are all easy rules to follow. Unfortunately, while you might be a relatively good driver from the outside looking in, you may have some bad driving habits that can cause your transmission to bite the dust faster than it should. Here are a couple things you need to avoid doing while driving in order to ensure a long and healthy life for your transmission!

Hands off the shifter

Leaving your hands on the shifter of your manual transmission vehicle puts excessive pressure on the sliders inside the transmission. This will cause them to wear out abnormally quick by preloading the shift fork while the transmission is still spinning. Remember to keep both hands on the wheel, that way you won't have any hands to rest on the shift lever!

Leaving a foot on the clutch

Likely the most common error that people seem to make when it comes to being behind the wheel of a manual transmission vehicle is leaving a foot on the clutch. By riding the clutch you're putting unnecessary pressure on it and even the lightest pressure can result in some form of contact between the clutch plate and the flywheel. This creates excessive heat and prematurely wears the clutch.

Improper hill parking with an automatic transmission

Many people don't even realize that their automatic transmission vehicle has a parking brake, let alone use it. If you find yourself parking on a hill you should definitely be utilizing it. When parking in a vertical spot don't just throw the car into park, this puts the weight of your car on the transmission! This results in major pressure and wear on certain transmission parts. To avoid this bring your car to a stop and while the car is still in drive and your foot is on the brake pedal engage the parking brake. Now slowly remove your foot from the brake and allow your car to settle against the parking brake, not the transmission. Once the car stops rolling, preferably against a curb, put the transmission in park.

Leaving no space in stop and go traffic

If your commute involves regular stop and go traffic be sure to leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. This will allow you to keep your vehicle in second or third gear, depending on your speed, and avoid excessive clutch use or gear changing.

By practicing these good driving habits you can get the most out of your transmission. If you do find yourself having issues and need transmission repair in Houston be sure to make an appointment with A1 American Transmission. Our staff of ASE certified technicians can handle any issue with your manual or automatic transmission! Call us today at (281) 954-3756 and to request a quote for transmission service in Houston and be sure to check out our special offers!

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