Why are Oil Changes so Important for My Car?


Why are Oil Changes so Important for My Car?All cars and trucks require routine maintenance to ensure that their vital parts remain in prime operating condition. Most types of maintenance are only required every 20,000 to 30,000 miles or more, depending on your particular vehicle. However there is one service that is necessary much more often. Oil changes are required for all vehicles, usually at an interval of 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Skipping oil changes can have dire effects on the life of your vehicle, so be sure to always get to the lube shop on time every time. Here are 4 reasons to never skip an oil change.

Keeps the engine properly lubricated

The most important reason to keep up with oil changes is to ensure that your vehicle's engine remains well lubricated. Low oil levels or dirty oil will allow for unwanted metal on metal friction that can quickly wear down the moving parts of the motor. Fresh oil changes are necessary to keep all parts as friction free as possible.

Helps keep the engine operating temperature lower

Another plus about oil changes is that fresh oil keeps the engine temperature down, helping to prevent overheating issues that could otherwise occur. Oil does this in a few ways. The first is that fresh oil reduces heat created from harsh friction. Secondly, oil is engineered to absorb heat produced inside the engine. As oil ages it loses its ability to do these very important tasks, which can lead to major engine problems.

Enhances vehicle performance

One of the great things about oil changes is that the oil change process removes contaminants from inside the engine. As oil ages it turns into a mucky substance that prevents that engine from operating at peak performance. When the old oil is drained it removes all think gunk, thus restoring power and fuel efficiency.

Gives technicians an opportunity to inspect the vehicle

Oil changes, while rather quick and inexpensive, give technicians the opportunity to take a peek at your vehicle to ensure there is no problems on board that need immediate repair. During an oil change the techs will be able to look under the hood, at the undercarriage and other areas of the vehicle to look for leaks, check filters and so on to make sure your car is operating in the best condition possible.

Putting off oil changes can be very detrimental to your vehicle. If your vehicle is due for an oil change in Houston head to A1 American Transmission & Automotive and let our experts take care of your car. Whether your vehicle requires routine auto maintenance or complicated transmission repair, we have you covered. Call (281) 954-3756 to schedule first rate auto maintenance in Houston.

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