Transmission Rebuilding in Houston, TX

Transmission Rebuilding in Houston, TXIf your transmission has suffered irreparable damage or is simply too worn out it may be time for a transmission rebuild. At A1 American Transmission we conduct complete rebuilds or transmission replacements at our Houston transmission repair shop. We service imports from Europe and Asia as well as domestic vehicles from Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge and all others. If your transmission will no longer go into gear or is badly leaking transmission fluid give A1 a call so our professional transmission repair mechanics can determine the best route of action to take. Call today (281) 954-3756 to request a free quote or schedule an appointment for an affordable transmission rebuild in Houston.

Manual Transmission Rebuilding

If your manual transmission won't go into gear, won't stay in gear or has trouble getting into gear it may be time for a rebuild. We can assess the situation and determine if a repair is possible or if a complete transmission rebuild would better suit your vehicle. If you begin experiencing transmission problems don't delay having them repaired, as the problem will only get worse.

Automatic Transmission Rebuilding

Is your automatic transmission no longer shifting? Does it seem to be stuck in a certain gear? Is there a leak of automatic transmission fluid? These are all signs that your transmission may be on its last legs. Give A1 American Transmission a call today to avoid ending up stuck on the side of the road because you can't get your vehicle into drive.

Transmission Replacement

Transmission ReplacementAnother option to consider if there is major transmission damage is a transmission replacement. We can source a new or used transmission for your vehicle and install it with expert precision. Our technicians are highly trained in all aspects of transmission repair, rebuilding and replacement and can service any year, make and model of vehicle!

Transmission rebuilding is generally a last resort that is necessary when minor transmission problems are not addressed in a timely manner. If you experience any symptoms of transmission trouble be sure to give us a call right away to have them fixed before they get worse. Call A1 American Transmission today at (281) 954-3756 to schedule an appointment for quality transmission rebuilding or transmission replacement in Houston!

5 Stars
"Every time I go to A-1 American, as I have been doing for almost 20 years, I, as well as my car, have received complete attention and patient, clear explanations of everything that was going on, or was being considered as one of ways that a situation could be handled. I have never felt "left out" of the project, or that I was simply asked to sign something when I didn't understand what was going on. My cars along the way have all done well after being examined and treated at A-1 American. I guess it sounds like medical treatment, but as a former nurse, that's how I can best express it!"
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